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Rent corporate event venues

The Royal Opera House Muscat has made five highly desirable areas on the premises available to distinguished corporations to rent for the purpose of holding high-level social and business events such as product launches, receptions, anniversary celebrations and gala dinners. This privilege is offered exclusively to corporations only and cannot be accessed by any other parties for private events of any kind, including celebrations for foreign royalty, politicians or dignitaries.


The Royal Opera House Muscat represents a highly advantageous association for corporate brands, resulting in increased appeal for business brands in world-class realms. The Royal Opera House Muscat ranks as one of the world's most desirable venues for the performing arts and is a top destination for cultural tourism and discerning patrons. With state-of-the-art technologies, Muscat's Royal Opera House is also one of the most advanced opera houses in the world. Described below, the five different spaces available for corporate rent, each with its own special ambience, are at once functional and inspiring.


The Terrace (6th Floor)IMG_3230-compressed.jpg

Framed by grand arches, a lofty terrace graces the highest floor of the Royal Opera House Muscat, offering spectacular night views of the city under starry skies.  There guests can be entertained guests in surroundings that are breath-taking and utterly private. ROHM's roof-capped space is open and airy, yet intimate. 

Al Maidan Hall


For important indoor corporate events, the multi-purpose Al Maidan Hall on the second floor of the Royal Opera House Muscat presents an elegant space that is well equipped with technical and media facilities. With its wooden floor and designer backdrop, the room has a warm and welcoming ambience. Corporations can create an atmosphere to suit brands with images and cinematic effects on a large LED screen.


South Hall

South Porch.jpg

Entered though great wooden doors from the VIP portico, the South Hall of the Royal Opera House Muscat is a large, finely appointed room with natural light from high gothic windows made of engraved glass and finely worked metal. A great Oriental chandelier hangs in splendour from a carved timber ceiling adorned with gilding, while marble floors gleam in classic geometric patterns. This is one of the most beautiful halls in the Royal Opera House Muscat and will endow every gathering with the magic of real elegance.

The South Maidan


Situated alongside the stately south portal of the Royal Opera House, the South Maidan commands views of the ROHM Gardens and the sparkling lights of Qurum at night. Open and grandly spacious, with its luxurious polished marble, the Maidan adds fresh elegance and prestige to corporate gatherings and events. With its great columned arches lit by beautiful oriental lanterns, the adjacent VIP portico is a perfect place for a head table, a musical ensemble, a cinema screen or for atmospheric socialising.


The Gardens


With breezes flowing from the sea through ROHM's tranquil gardens, corporate guests will enjoy the sound of falling water from fountains as they wander on paths under leafy trees, stopping by at vine-covered pergolas and taking in superb views of the Royal Opera House under lights.  Flowers form an unfolding palette of sumptuous oriental colour, while jasmine bushes, frangipani trees and Omani roses add fragrance to the drama of colour.

Illuminated at night, the garden paths invite guests to savour corporate events in a magical atmosphere of light and shadow. Set within these beautiful gardens and privately placed at the far end, the Great Lawn is an expanse of lush green grass that serves as an exceptional place for both elegant and informal events. From the Great Lawn is a stunning view of the nearby water sculpture by world-renowned British artist Giles Raynor. Arching into the sky as cool water flows gently along its magnificent silver curves, the sculpture shares its artistry with the gardens. 






 The Terrace

Concert Stage

The Views

Up to 80

 Al Maidan Hall

Media Equipment including Large LED Screen

Up to 110

 South Hall

Concert Stage

Sound System

Beautiful Interior

Up to 120

 South Maidan

Concert Stage

Up to 300

 The Gardens

Concert Stage

Lighting, Sound

Lit Garden Paths Views

Up to 150

 6th Floor Terrace

Up to 80

Please Contact us for Reservation and more information

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  • 1] Rental privileges are exclusively for high-level corporate events.

  • 2] Private events and celebrations for foreign royalty, politicians or dignitaries are excluded.

  • 3] The five places in the chart above are the only places available for rent.

  • 4] If a corporate event is linked to ROHM performance, the rental is subject to the purchase of a number of  tickets not lower than 100% of the corporate event participants.

  • 5] All rental charges in the chart above exclude food and beverage, catering staff and equipment not specified in the chart.

  • 6] If caterers are to be hired, ROHM reserves the right to approve the caterer.

  • 7] Professional valet parking may be available at an additional charge.

  • 8] A notice of thirty (30) prior to the event is required for booking and full payment is required at the time of booking.

  • 9] ROHM's dress code is in effect for all events and must be specified in invitations sent to guests by the corporation involved.