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Q: What is a "flexible package"?

A: For those that would like the freedom to choose their own package, along with the flexibility to change the location and number of seats, they can purchase a "Flexpak". There are now 3 variations of the Flexpak:
-The "Flexpak 3" allows you to select any 3 events throughout the season for a discount of 10%
-The "Flexpak 5" allows you to select any 5 events throughout the season for a discount of 15%
- The "Flexpak 8 plus allows you to select 8 or more events throughout the season for a discount of 20%

Q: What is the "full season" discount?

A: We offer our valued customers who wish to purchase tickets to each production this season a special rate of 30% off each ticket and the ability to claim their favorite seat throughout the season (subject to availability at time of purchase).

Q: Can I receive the 30% discount if I purchase most of the productions but not all of them?

A: To receive the 30% you must purchase tickets to each and every production.

Q: What is a "group" sale?

A: A group sale is the purchase of a minimum of 10 tickets to particular attraction and can be purchased by individuals as well as companies. Limits on group purchases are determined by whether the production is classified as a "Group 1" (a maximum of 24 tickets), "Group 2" (a maximum of 50 tickets), or "Group 3" (an unlimited maximum of tickets).

Q: What is a "single" ticket sale?

A: A single ticket sale is the purchase of tickets to a single attraction or attraction(s) rather than a group of packaged performances, and that includes the purchase of 1-9 tickets.

Q: Can a person combine multiple discounts in a sale (e.g an additional 15% for children's tickets when purchasing a package)?

A: There will only be one discount applied in a transaction, and it will always be the highest discount applicable.

Q: What are Zones & Tiers?

A: Ticket prices are based on two factors: the location of the seats (zones) and the classification of the production (tiers). It is important to be aware of this information prior to selecting your seats as the price of each seat can change for different attractions.

Q: What is the dress code policy? Does it change for tours and other events at the ROH Muscat?

A: The dress code is formal or business including suits or dinner jackets for men and conservative dresses below the knee for women. Dishdasha and Massar for Omani. No jeans, t-shirts, or tennis shoes. The dress code applies to all events held at the Royal Opera House Muscat.