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  • Walid Atallah

    ​With years of experience dressing the fashion elite and creating award winning collections, Walid Attallah continues to dazzle his supporters and add impeccable flair to the wardrobes of women across the globe.

  • Bank Dhofar "Al Riadah" ( Opening Soon )

    ​Enjoy first class services with Al Riadah Priority Banking from Bank Dhofar. 

  • Gift Shop

    ​This shop specializes in sourcing gifts and souvenirs for ROHM, drawing on the magnificent architecture of the building and the world class programme of events for inspiration.  In addition there is a selection of gifts reflecting O...

  • Private Collection

    Private Collection is a unique brand that focuses on Arabic sandals for men. The brand is well known for infusing a modern twist into a more traditional style. With a reputation for meticulous craft...