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  • Sultan Chef (Coming Soon)

    ​Despite a reputation for being the gourmet speciality of French restaurants, Brazilian steakhouses or American diners, it has long been disputed that the Turkish have a singular ability to cook steak to perfection.  Sultan Chef is l...

  • Caramel Restaurant & Lounge - Muscat

    ​Caramel is an exciting and energetic restaurant lounge serving delicious food; the ideal spot for unwinding with co-workers or a fun filled evening with close friends. Caramel boasts a warm inviting ambience and a relaxing atmosphere tha...

  • Café Chanteclair

    Wood, Leather, Coffee and Food, Cafe Chanteclair takes its visitors to the heart of Brussels for an unforgettable culinary experience.

  • Richoux Cafe

    The home of traditional English food which appeals not only to overseas visitors but also to discerning customers who yearn for different tastes. T...