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Package & Special Offers

Full Season Discount
Patrons that purchase tickets to every event in the season rece​ive our highest discount of 35%.


Single Ticket Discounts
For our single ticket buyers we offer the following discounts:

  • University/College Students: 20% off for all full-time students. Student ID is required for all box office purchases. Tickets may also be purchased online, but will need to be collected from the box office and will be released upon verification of student ID.
  • School-Age Children: 25% off tickets for children aged 6-17.
Note: Discounts and special offers cannot be combined; the highest discount will apply when there is an overlap.



Group Sales

A group sale refers to the purchase of at least ten tickets to an individual performance for a discount and can be made by individuals and companies alike. The discount applied for an attraction depends on its classification as per the information below:

  1. Tier 1 events (10- 24 tickets maximum): 15% Discount
  2. Tier 2 events (10-50 tickets maximum): 20% Discount
  3. Tier 3 & 4 events (10 - unlimited): 25% Discount
Note: Maximum ticket purchase is determined by the "tier" of the performance (Tier 1=24 max; Tier 2=50 max, Tier 3 & 4=unlimited)


Flexible Packages

Flexible 3: choose any 3 events and receive a 10 % discount.
Flexible 5: choose any 5 events and receive a 15% discount.
Flexible 8+ : choose 8 or more events and receive a 20% discount .


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