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Each 17th October, in honour of Omani Women’s Day, the Royal Opera House Muscat pays tribute to the invaluable contributions of Omani women in community development and nation-building, celebrating their vital achievements in music, art and society. The 2017 programme features music by the Royal Oman Symphony Orchestra (ROSO) Ladies Chamber Ensemble and eight outstanding musicians from the Oman Oud Hobbyists Association, four of whom are women. ROSO’s Ladies Chamber Ensemble is a shining example of the artistic independence and high level of achievement of Omani women in the arts. An exciting special guest performance will be given by the talented and charismatic young Yemeni singer, Balqees who released her debut album, Majnoun, in 2013 and her second album, Zai Ma Ana, in 2015.

ROSO (7 minutes)
Balqees (50 minutes)
Oman Oud Hobbyists (7 minutes)
Balqees (50 minutes)​

  • Balqees
  • Royal Oman Symphony Orchestra (ROSO)
  • Ladies Chamber Ensemble
  • Oman Oud Hobbyists
October 17 2017       6:00 PM