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The Swingles Singers

A cappella at its best

The renowned London septet’s superb a cappella sound is innovative, light and inspiring. The repertoire of this versatile ensemble has grown over the past half-century to include a great variety of music, as well as new and original songs.

​ 75 minutes without intermission

The seven young Swingle Singers amaze audiences with their mesmerizing sounds and incredible vocal gymnastics. They demonstrate just how versatile the human voice is and how it can create almost any mood or atmosphere. This thrilling ensemble is at its most impressive when the singers perform “a cappella” or without any instrumental accompaniment. Named after Ward Swingle who founded the ensemble in Paris in 1962, the versatile Swingles have been entertaining audiences in increasingly innovative ways ever since. Their rich and wide-ranging repertoire presently includes songs and sounds influenced by pop and classical music, as well as original contemporary interpretations, and innovative jazz-influenced harmonies.

With changing membership over the years, the Swingles’ stage show has evolved into a dazzling choreographic spectacle. Five-time Grammy® winners, the Swingles do not simply sing songs. Their freshly created pieces with special vocal effects are beautifully unfamiliar, evocative and intriguing. Adding to their collection of over fifty recordings and numerous soundtracks, last year the Swingles released two new albums - the sonically audacious Deep End and a Christmas album, Yule Song Vol. II.

April 15 2017       4:00 PM  
A 30 OMR
B 15 OMR
C 10 OMR