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with the Multi-Ethnic Star Orchestra (MESTO)

Mohammed Assaf, the remarkably talented young Palestinian who won the Arab Idol contest in 2013 and continues to thrill audiences with his powerful and entrancing voice, will sing from his popular repertoire of classic Arab songs.

The story of the sudden rise to fame of the young Palestinian singer, Mohammed Assaf, is extraordinary. Determined to enter the 2013 Arab Idol competition, Assaf sang his way into the hearts of Egyptian border guards who happily let him enter without papers. Arriving in Cairo, Assaf leapt over the wall of the competition venue and spontaneously began to sing in the lobby. One of the contestants, a fellow Palestinian, was so impressed with Assaf’s talent that he gave him his place in the competition. Overjoyed, Mohammed Assaf sang in the competition as if in a dream come true.  He charmed and thrilled audiences day after day. Even the judges got up and danced. Mohammed Assaf outshone all others, won the contest, and soon rocketed to stardom. Assaf’s virtuosic and entrancing performances continue to spread his fame throughout the Arab World and beyond. Mohammed Assaf will sing from his popular repertoire of classic Arab songs, while the accompaniment by MESTO combines ethnic music genres and those of Western classical traditions. The programme also features Palestinian folkloric performances.

Part 1: 45 minutes
Intermission:  20 minutes
Part 2: 45 minutes
October 08 2016       7:00 PM  
A 45 OMR
B 22 OMR
C 18 OMR
D 15 OMR
E 10 OMR

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Press Release

Mohammed Assaf with the Multi-Ethnic Star Orchestra (MESTO)

The story of Mohammed Assaf’s almost overnight rise to fame is an extraordinary tale of passion, t...

Saturday 8 October 2016