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Founded close to a century ago, the Alexandrov Red Army Chorus has gained tremendous popularity worldwide with the rousing voices of its robust male singers. This stunningly impressive masculine choir gave 1,500 performances in World War II, has performed throughout the Soviet Union, from the Arctic snows to the sands of Tajikistan and is the official choir of Russia’s Armed Forces. Since the 1990s, army women have occasionally been included as sopranos, while dance troupes have been added with single as well as mixed gender performances. The orchestra for the Alexandrov Red Army Chorus includes both traditional and Western instruments with a repertoire that ranges from folk tunes to operatic arias and popular music.

​1st part: 40 minutes
20 minutes interval
2nd part: 50 minutes

​A. Aleksandrov, O. Kolychev «Invincible and legendary»
A. Aleksandrov, V. Lebedev-Kumach «Sacred War» (Svyaschennaya Voyna)
V. Solovyev-Sedoi, A. Fatianov «In a Sunny Meadow»
Staging by  A. Khmelnitsky, music by L. Shats «An Invitation to Dance»
A. Novikov, S. Alymov «The Samovars»
A. Novikov, Ya. Shvedov «Smuglianka»
V. Solovyev-Sedoi, M. Dudin «Let’s Go!»
I. Dunaevskiy, L. Oshanin «I Went from Berlin»
Staging by P. Virskiy, music by B. Aleksandrov «Cossack Cavalry Dance»
E. Kolmanovskiy, E. Evtushenko «Do the Russians want war?»
D. Tukhmanov, V. Kharitonov «Victory Day»


Staging by A. Khmelnitsky, music by P. Khmelnitsky «Palekh casket»
An old romance «Hey, Coachman, to the  «Yar»
B. Fomin,  K. Podrevskiy «Those Were the Days» (By the long road)
М. Kiuss, S. Popov, K. Vasilev  «The Amur Waves»
Staging by A. Khmelnitsky, music by V. Samsonenko «Sailor’s Lady»
A. Tsygankov Introduction and Chardash
An old romance «Dark Eyes»
A song of don Cossacks  «Unharness the Horses, Fellows»
Russian folk song, arrangement by A. Aleksandrov  «Kalinka»
Staging by  L. Kulikov, music by  I. Raevskiy «Russian Dance»
V. Blanter, M. Isakovskiy «Katusha»
V. Solovyev-Sedoi, M. Matusovskiy  «Evenings in Moscow Suburbs»

Programme may be subject to change

October 12 2017       7:00 PM  

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