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An educational and entertaining afternoon for children and families. Don’t miss the intriguing journey into the shiny Brass World. Elfie and Belfie will guide you with giggles, laughs and surprises. Live performance by an amazing brass ensemble coming from Europe especially for this event.

The brass section of an orchestra features a family of instruments that are made of brass, such as the trumpet, the trombone, the French horn and the tuba. Brass instruments can produce a dramatically loud or ‘big’ sound and give added strength and power to the sound of the orchestra. Trumpets are historically associated with royal or military events, while the tuba has become a modern jazz instrument.

With four beautiful horn concertos composed between 1783 and 1791, Mozart made the French horn famous with a brilliant demonstration of its virtues. The exciting and lively music of Mozart’s horn concertos is associated with the hunt on horseback. Through interesting anecdotes and beautiful pieces of music, the presentation will illustrate the distinctive sound of various brass instruments and explain their role in concerts. This entertaining and educational event will enhance the participants’ enjoyment of future concerts at the Royal Opera House.

Gregor Turk and Blaž Avbar, trumpets
Jože, horn
Žan Tkalec, trombone
Uroš Vegelj , tuba
and Omani Actors
Ibrahim Al Azri
Anas Al Hajri
March 28 2017       4:00 PM  Free