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Aleksey Igudesman and Hyung-ki Joo are highly creative musicians who have taken the world by storm with their unique theatrical shows, which combine comedy with classical music and popular culture.

​Aleksey Igudesman and Hyung-ki Joo met at Yehudi Menuhin’s school for gifted young musicians when they were just twelve years old. In that moment they could not have imagined that they would one day take the world by storm as theatrical performers on violin and piano. Igudesman and Joo have become masterful, virtuosic musicians so accomplished that they can play backwards and upside down or while talking, singing or dancing – without missing a beat. They use theatrical humour to create excitement about classical music and introduce it to contemporary audiences as neither boring nor outdated, but a wonderful, rich and inspirational form of entertainment.

In their highly entertaining show, “And Now Mozart”, Igudesman and Joo wear absurd eighteenth-century wigs and engage in all sorts of crazy antics while doing full justice to the magic and beauty of Mozart’s music. Igudesman and Joo have performed with chamber and symphony orchestras on many of the world’s best stages. They also have gone viral with clips on YouTube scoring over thirty-five million hits to date. Their dream is to make classical music accessible to all and especially to younger generations.

February 18 2017       4:00 PM  
A 30 OMR
B 15 OMR
C 10 OMR