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with I Solisti Veneti and Shayma al Mughairy

In a programme specially designed for families and children, I Solisti Veneti performs The Four Seasons by Antonio Vivaldi, with a beautiful violin concerto depicting each season. A skilful Omani sand-painting artist Ms. Shayma Al Mughairy will produce amazing works of art with sand on stage.

This concert is specially designed for families and children. I Solisti Veneti means Soloists from Veneto, a region in north-eastern Italy and home to the famous ‘floating’ city of Venice. One of the world’s best loved pieces of music is ‘The Four Seasons’, by the Venetian composer, Antonio Vivaldi, who uses a series of four beautiful violin concerti to express the mood and ‘personality’ of each of the four seasons in temperate climates. Vivaldi published the concerti with a poem matching the music for each Season.

The arrival of Spring is heralded by the song of birds, gently murmuring streams and light breezes. The music of Summer represents the blazing sun, the song of the cuckoo and an impending thunderstorm. In Autumn peasants celebrate the harvest with song and dance, while hunters chase their prey with horns and dogs. Winter comes with frost, biting winds, and a warm hearth with a crackling fire. As an added feature for the special entertainment of children, a gifted Omani sand-painting artist, Shayma Al Mughairy, will produce amazing works of art on stage, illustrating the seasons with sand art.

April 01 2017       4:00 PM  
A 30 OMR
B 15 OMR
C 10 OMR