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Opera by Richard Wagner Performed by Richard Wagner Festival Wels

Lohengrin, by the famous German composer Richard Wagner, is a medieval tale about a mysterious knight who comes in a swandrawn boat to defend a damsel falsely accused of murder. His only condition is that he must never be asked his name.

Act I -  38 minutes

Intermission – 20 minutes

Act II - 55 minutes

Intermission – 20 minutes

Act III -  44 minutes

Completed in 1851, Lohengrin was Richard Wagner’s first internationally recognised masterpiece, a work which announced the arrival of a new operatic genius. Wagner, the famous giant of nineteenth-century Romantic music, was not just a composer, but also an artist, writer, poet, musician and a master of fusing together the essential elements required to create a ‘music drama’ as a fully integrated work of art.

As if out of a medieval German romance, a noble knight, Lohengrin comes in a swan-drawn boat to protect the fair lady, Elsa of Brabant from the evil intrigues of an ambitious Count intent on seizing the throne. But Lohengrin has one condition - Elsa must never ask his name and origin. The Knight and Elsa marry, but Elsa eventually succumbs to her curiosity. Lohengrin leaves, and the heart-broken Elsa dies. Starring tenor, Jon Ketilsson as Lohengrin, the opera is conducted by Ralf Weikert with the Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir

October 20 2016       7:00 PM  
October 22 2016       7:00 PM  
3.A 65 OMR
B 38 OMR
C 34 OMR
D 28 OMR
E 15 OMR
F 10 OMR

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Press Release

LOHENGRIN - Opera by Richard Wagner Performed by Richard Wagner Festival Wels

Completed   in 1851,     Lohengrin  was  Richard Wagner’s first   internationally recognised masterp...

Thursday 20 October 2016