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Thursday 18 October 2018

Fans of wildly popular and incredibly charismatic Lebanese musician and singer-songwriter, Wael Kfoury are in for a huge treat, when the night after his guest appearance at the Omani Women's Day Celebration at ROHM on the 17th of October, he will sing in a grand concert. One of the most important figures in the world of Lebanese and Arab music today, Wael Kfoury is often referred to as 'The King of Romance'.

Kfoury's artistic career was launched with his duet with Nawal Al Zoghbi of the well-known song, Min Habibi Ana. Wael Kfoury is enormously popular with young people because of his amazing vocal prowess and his creativity in combining youth songs with tarab, a style of music that induces ecstatic response, and mawwal, a traditional genre of Egyptian vocal music that is usually presented before a song begins. His most famous and best-loved songs are Bahebak ana Kteer and Sa'alouni. Released in 2017, Kfoury's latest album, Ghdartini features some of his greatest hits.

Wael Kfoury will perform on Thursday 18th October at 7:00 pm.