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Tuesday 19 December 2017

In a season which continues to surprise and delight its audiences, the Royal Opera House Muscat presents an unusual and intriguing interpretation of the ballet, Cinderella. Performed by Ballet de l'Opéra de Lyon, the contemporary choreography and staging is by the famous French choreographer and dancer, Maguy Marin. This daring and adventurous production is set in a doll's house where the dancers come to life as dolls. Admired as an avant-garde, break-through version of the tale of Cinderella, and described by some critics as a brilliant theatrical triumph, the ballet has successfully toured the world since its premiere in 1985. The work has been praised for its amazing manipulation of mood, engaging narrative and innovative staging. It is regarded by some critics as a stepping stone from classical ballet to something radically new.


The characters appear wearing shiny doll's heads and unconventional costumes. At certain points in the drama, the baby-like laughter and gurgling sounds that certain familiar kinds of dolls make when squeezed is heard above the orchestra. With a child's imagination, Cinderella arrives in a scary land where shadows are the darkest black and terrifying fears are aroused. She finds that the best reassurance in the world is to be cuddled and given a lollipop. What Cinderella wants most of all is that her awful stepsisters and stepmother would stop beating her, that she could have nice friends and not be forlorn and lonely.


Sergei Prokofiev's dramatic multi-faceted music is performed by one of ROHM's favourite orchestras, the superb PKF-Prague Philharmonia conducted by the brilliant award-winning Russian Conductor, Konstantin Chudovsky.


This novel version of Cinderella will be performed at the Royal Opera House Muscat on Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd December at 7:00 pm and Saturday 23rd December at 4:00pm.