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Tuesday 12 December 2017

With its rousing voices and robust singers, Russia's most prestigious choir, the world-famous Alexandrov Red Army Chorus will soon appear at the Royal Opera House Muscat. Founded in Moscow in 1928, the Choir was the brain child of Alexander Alexandrov who first achieved fame as the composer of the national anthem of the Soviet Union. This stunningly impressive super-masculine chorus gave more than 1,500 performances during World War II. Historically seen as representing the great masses of Russia, the Alexandrov Red Army Chorus is now the official choir of the Nation's Armed Forces.

Having performed throughout the Soviet Union, from the Arctic snows to the sands of Tajikistan, the Chorus left Soviet soil to sing at an International Exposition held in 1937 in Paris where it won the prestigious Grand Prix. That was the beginning of the Alexandrov Red Army Chorus' acclaimed global tours. For many decades all the singers were men, but since the 1990s, army women have occasionally been included as sopranos. A military dance troupe with women as well as men has been added. Some dances are performed by both men and women, while others, such as the Cossack Cavalry Dance, are performed by men only. The Orchestra for the Alexandrov Red Army Chorus includes both traditional Eastern and Western instruments in the performance of a wonderful repertoire that ranges from folk tunes to operatic arias and popular music.

In a magnificent, heart-stirring show that will be entertaining as well as inspiring, the famed Alexandrov Red Army Chorus will appear at the Royal Opera House Muscat on Thursday 12th October at 7:00 pm.