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Sunday 21 October 2018

ROHM's annual presentation on musical instruments this year features the Woodwind family. With woodwinds, sound is produced by blowing as the air stream splits on a sharp edge called a 'reed', as, for example, with the bassoon, clarinet, oboe or saxophone; or, by passing air across the mouthpiece, as with the flute.

Distinctive themes or melodic phrases in opera and symphonic music are often assigned to solo woodwinds as leitmotifs that are associated with particular characters, ideas or situations. Through fascinating anecdotes and evocative pieces of music, dynamic actors and expert young musicians from the virtuosic Papageno Wind Quintet will illustrate the distinctive sound of woodwinds and explain their role in the orchestra. For all who come, this entertaining and educational presentation will enhance the enjoyment of future concerts at the ROHM.

ROHM's exciting Woodwind Presentation will take place in the auditorium on Sunday 21st October at 5:00 pm.