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Pre-Performanc​​e Talk

Pre-Performance Talks offer guests attending the performances a unique opportunity to participate in an educational, entertaining and informative discussion, providing additional insight into the performance and the creative process behind the show. These informal talks are delivered by specialists from the Education and Outreach Area or by artists and noted authorities in their respective field. The talks are designed to provide the audience with an in-depth, insightful, and meaningful understanding of the production. Talks are held one hour prior to the show, and seating is limited to those with tickets to the performance. ​

Pre Performance Talk

  • Pre-Performanc​​e Talk -GISELLE

    Ticket holders attending the “Giselle’’ ballet performances on 6 & 7 April, are invited to a pre-performance talk about this unive...

  • Pre-Performanc​​e Talk -The Opera

  • Pre-Performanc​​e Talk -The Four seasons

    Ticket holders attending Vivaldi’s “The Four Seasons” on 30 March 2017, are invited to a pre-performance talk about one of the greatest co...

  • Cinderella (La Cenerentola)

    Ticket holders are invited to attend a talk about Rossini’s Opera “La Cenerentola”. Despite a shaky prima, Rossini’s opera quickly prove...